The benefits occur immediately during the treatment. Because the wrap is designed to dilate small veins and capillaries, toxic build-up is flushed away. The increased circulation continues to cleanse and protect fragile connective tissues long after the treatment is complete. 


Unwrap a new you. Lose inches and smooth unsightly cellulite with the unique body wrap systems. Cellulite and uneven fat deposits are signs of an unhealthy system. Body wraps are based in science that understands how to address waste trapped in the connective tissues below the skin to reveal an all new you! The body is constantly working to flush out toxins. Unassisted, this is a difficult task as toxins build up in fatty tissues with minimal blood flow.

Body Wraps

Weight Loss & Wellness Solutions
  • Cellulite smoothing
  • Long-term health benefits
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   Wrap that benefits the whole body!

​    Wrap treatments help restore healthy, total body system cleansing to provide

  • ​Measurable inch loss
  • Overall body shaping

By increasing circulation to the lymphatic system, a correctly formulated wrap can         maximize the body's ability to eliminate toxins that hold

on to excess water, weight, and uneven fatty deposits

in issue-prone areas.